Happy plants with H2Obloom

The H2Obloom watering system consists of a special vase with a water reservoir. This keeps the plant in prime condition from the grower to the consumer. Not only is this a boon for traders and other growers during the logistical process, but it is also ideal for people who water ‘casually’ at home.

A plant in an H2Obloom vase can draw as much water as it needs. It’s a unique concept for growers, since the vase fits around a 12 cm nursery pot for various plants and locks onto it.

How it works

A watering system for the entire
floriculture chain

The ’t Hoog Bos nursery, the ’t Nieuw Bos nursery and supplier Van Krimpen have come together to create the H2Obloom watering system for plants which benefits the entire chain.

With H2Obloom the product will bloom and grow in all its glory throughout the logistical process and with the consumer!

H2Obloom is available to all

Both ‘t Hoog Bos and ‘t Nieuw Bos nurseries supply their Phalaenopsis in the H2Obloom concept, but other growers and wholesalers also have the option of selling their products in this watering system.

The H2Obloom concept’s vase fits a 12 cm nursery pot from various suppliers for different plants. If you’re interested or require more information please contact one of the companies below.